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Assisted a USA citizen in reinstatement of his Latvian citizenship as a decedent of his grandmother who fled Latvia after 1940 in order to escape occupation.

Represented vendor of shopping centre of area 1122 m2 at Terbatas street in Riga.

The Supreme Court upheld the Court of Appeal’s decision that AirBaltic airline could not refuse refund for flight cancelled by Mr Petrovs.

Dmitrijs Petrovs won Supreme Court verdict against Balozi town municipality, which allows his client to privatise land plot of 17.9 ha.

In Dmitrijs Petrovs v AirBaltic, the Court of Appeal has upheld first instance court’s decision to award damages caused by airline’s refusal to refund fare paid for the flight cancelled by Mr Petrovs.

Registered a share capital increase paid by investment in kind (capitalisation of shareholders’ loans).

Provided Latvian subsidiary formation services to a Lithuanian company, the biggest wholesaler of fashion clothes in the Baltic.

Represented a seller of commercial premises in Riga. Advised, drafted all contracts, represented at notary office and Land Book registry.

Filed an application for a court order for payment of a debt. The court has declared the order enforceable. The debtor – a construction company – has been ordered to pay without delay the principal debt, interests and court costs.

Represented purchaser of a private home in Ikskile town. Checked seller’s title and encumbrances, drafted purchase agreement, advised on conveyancing and bank financing procedure.

Represented a vendor of two shopping centres in Riga.

Represented an assignee in the Court of Appeal. The Court of Appeal has reversed the first instance court decision and awarded damages to the assignee.

Represented a co-surety in successful out-of court dismissal of a creditor’s claim.

Advised a proprietor of a land plot of 2.5 ha in Babite parish on legal issues regarding site development.

Represented a principal in court case for damages from a breach of an authorisation contract by proxy.

Represented a purchaser of a warehouse and land plots at Rupniecibas street in Riga.

Advised a Latvian development company on construction of an apartment and office building of 3.500 sq.m. at Rupniecibas street in Riga.

Advised an Irish landlord and drafted a lease agreement for shop premises in Riga.

Advised an UK law firm on statutory procedure for disclosure of information on a Latvian bank account.

Represented a Russian insurer in a subrogation action for damages brought in Latvian court against a Latvian carrier and its insurer.

Advised a Russian board member of a Latvian company on obtaining work and residence permit.

Represented a shopping centre owners before the State sanitary inspection regarding complaints on centre’s utilities system operation.

Drafted a sample non-disclosure agreement in Latvian, Russian and English for a real estate brokerage company.

Advised a seller of an apartment building at the central Riga, including review and redrafting of purchase deed and escrow contract.


Incorporated a Latvian subsidiary of UK property development company.


Represented a purchaser of a commercial property at Ganibu dambis street in Riga, including drafting and review of all documents as well as legal due diligence procedure.


Represented an UK purchaser of a development site at Pulkveza Brieza street in Riga, including drafting purchase deed, legal due diligence, review of bank loan, pledge and mortgage deeds. Reviewed draft technical design contract.

Advised shareholders of Russian scrap metal processing and sea port companies on selling their business to an Italian investor.


Drafted Last Will and Testament for an Irish investor with respect to his real properties in Latvia.


Advised a Lithuanian law office on enforcement of Lithuanian bills of exchange in Latvia.


Successfully represented a passenger in the first instance court against national carrier Air Baltic on consumer right protection matters and damages.


Drafted a service contract for property manager on behalf of a shopping centre proprietor.


Successfully represented in court a board member of a Latvian company sued by the company’s insolvency administrator for damages.


Represented a group of foreign investors in purchase of an apartment at Terbatas street in Riga, including review and redrafting of purchase deed as well as escrow, mortgage and bank loan contracts.

Represented a seller of 50% stake in a Latvian property development company.


Incorporated two Latvian subsidiaries of the biggest Baltic clothing retailer.


Successfully represented a dog owner in a dog attack criminal court case, reaching a settlement.


Represented an UK development company in acquisition of a development site of 40’000 sq.m. in Riga, including drafting of all documents as well as obtaining financing from a consortium of local banks.


Represented head of Latvian branch of an international construction material producer in termination of his employment. Agreed severance benefits.